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Please be informed that Yeast Pastry House shall be closed for business effective 6 July 2019 until further notice.

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Yeast Pastry House Sdn Bhd was established on 15 January 2011. We has been producing its high quality product at the newly popular area Kota Laksamana. Our founder felt that Kota Laksamana was the perfect location to continue their business while keeping their product current and exciting.We are committed to your original entrepreneurial ideals. We are constantly striving for the improvement of people and things, constantly improving and continuing to learn to meet our requirements and ideals. We provide a hygienic and good working environment, and continue to develop and produce the highest quality products; let more diners taste delicious bread and cakes.

伊士多面包菓子工房成立于 2011年1月15日 我们为您秉承着最初的创业理想,对于人与事物的提升从不怠慢,不断求精,持续学习,來达到我們的要求及理想。我們提供卫生及良好的工作环境,持续研发及生产出最优质的产品;让更多食客品尝到美味的麵包及蛋糕。

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