About Us

Tan Kim Hock is a well-known local brand for Melaka authentic delicacies especially for its dodol durian and coconut products throughout whole Malaysia and some say even Singapore. Tan Kim Hock is also the Melaka icon, famous for his signature white suits which strongly reflex his emphasis for quality and cleanliness in his product.

Tan Kim Hock insists on product quality, and monitor closely on all its manufacturing process for producing high quality products. There is only one and the only outlet together with its hotel in Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. Please beware of those imitation products whose claimed to be Tan Kim Hock's products but not produced by Tan Kim Hock's own factory in Umbai Merlimau ,Melaka.

Melaka is famous for its heritage and food. Tan Kim Hock has both - heritages and food by producing local specialty food since 1930. Tan Kim Hock business has contributed to the growth of Melaka tourism industry by attracting extensive local and foreign visitors into his outlet to buy his special product whenever visiting Melaka.

Only in Tan Kim Hock, you can enjoy the original taste of Melaka local delicacies with its heritage environment. Many visitors have kept returning for the original Malaccan specialty which you can never find it anywhere else. It’s a place and product you should never miss when you visit Melaka.

Welcome to Melaka, welcome to Tan Kim Hock. 

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