About Melaka 1001 Tales of Adventure

Ahoy, matey! All aboard! Sinbad has set sail on his very first adventure!

     The Melaka 1001 Tales of Adventure was launched on 4th June 2016 with a group of crew that joined Sinbad on his very first adventure. It was a journey filled with sights, sounds, and actions that brought the courageous crew through a series of thrills, scares, and surprises of all sorts. Starting the journey with a series of code-breaking challenges, the crew used their quick wit to decipher the passcode and break free from the individual challenge rooms, escaping from the traps of a treasure trove, the threats of creepy crawlies, and the pursuit of the villains. Each themed room poses a unique challenge for the crew, but they also continuously trace the single adventurous journey of Sinbad and his combat with the Evil Shaman and his army of ghouls. Adorned with life-size props and intricately decorated with realistic setups, the rooms transport Sinbad and his crew to a world of fantasy and imagination, taking crew members quite literally out of this world. The adventure culminates in a final combat with the Evil Shaman at a 7D simulation that invites the crew, not only to sit in for the experience, but also to participate in the combat through the latest 7D technology. An all-round experience equipped with visual simulation, sounds, and movement, the technology also immerses the crew into the combat through the use of various elements—water, vapour etc.—that create a realistic atmosphere. With this technology, crew members play an active role in defeating the Evil Shaman as the facility is equipped with weapons that interact with the visuals on screen.

So, the next time you’re in town, sign up to be a crew member and drop by for an adventure of a lifetime with Sinbad!

Being me to Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures NOW !