Truly Penangite!

Malaysia is one of the countries worldwide that boasts some of the best places a tourist can ever visit. One of these places certainly includes the ever beautiful Penang.

Popularly known as Malaysia’s “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang carries a natural beauty and cultural splendor that no other place can offer. The name originates from the Malaysian translation of the word betel nut, which is “Pinang”. Each year, hundreds and thousands of visitors go to this place to view and experience alluring sceneries and cultural heritage, respectively. To help these people and everyone looking to visit Penang in making the most of their visit to the place, Penang Tour Channel is always willing to extend some helping hand.

Penang Tour Channel was form since 2008 and is a private tourism company that basically originates and operates in Penang, Malaysia. At Penang Tour Channel, we aim to give everyone up to date tourism services, especially to the valuable guests who go to Penang coming from various parts of the globe. With our dependable tourism services, it will be easier for every tourist to identify and explore the best destinations he can include in his itinerary as he decides to visit Penang.

Our Service

We are the reliable Inbound tour operator and specialise in outbound tour packages to Thailand, we are mainly provided tour package inbound such as Penang tour package, Cameron Highland Tour Package, Ipoh tour package, Penang firefly tour package & car rental with driver package. Outbound such as Thailand tour package, Bangkok tour package, Hatyai tour package, Pattaya tour package, Chiang mai tour package & many more. Other service we provided such as Penang International Airport Transfer, Travel Insurance, China Visa, hotel booking & tour guide service.

Our Philosophy

Penang is a unique state, which holds and offers a lot to those tourists who visit the place for some enjoyable holidays or a simple private tour around the place. A number of attractions include temples, markets and most notably, Penang’s natural beauty. We, at Penang Tour Channel, will make sure that you make the best decision for visiting the place by giving you the best tourism services, which allow you enjoyably discover the true and authentic beauty of the place. Visiting the place has always been a compelling experience because of the grand places, great people and great cuisines that you can visit, meet and taste along the way.

Penang Tour Channel is backed by our knowledgeable and skillful support staff that takes exceptional care for every guest, who simply deserves the best. What’s more? The guides who are included in our team are trained professionally to assist you in exploring the splendid beauty of Penang. Penang has got everything you would want from a vacation destination, making it the best choice when you are looking to spend your leisure time in one of the beautiful places in Malaysia. We are here to support you in every step of the way. So, you will never need to worry as you go to Penang.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to introduce Malaysia, specifically Penang, to the global market of tourism. Thus, we make sure that everyone with some sparkling interest for visiting the place is carefully and conveniently served. We aim to do this by giving them the best private tourism services to Penang that are guaranteed through the help of our professional staff. If you want to unwind and relieve yourself from the stresses of life, visiting Penang can be a perfect solution.