About Us

        The Brand “One Day Pilot” and “Ace Skydive” is fully owned by Global Business Partner Sdn. Bhd. (732412-K). The Company was incorporated since the Year 2006; formerly known as KL Hunter Sdn Bhd. The Company was then restructure and was renamed Global Business Partner Sdn. Bhd. in Year 2014. The products and services we offer are related to extreme sports, we have set up a system for those who seek to venture into airports.


        Soaring up high in the sky, flying freely like a bird seemingly the world under your feet looking like a miniature.

        Experience this amazing opportunity to become the Pilot of a Day. You will have the chance to maneuver the plane under the guidance of our Professional Pilot. Taking off and landing on the airport runway will be taken over by the Pilot.

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