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     In 2003, American scientists Roderick Mckim and Peter Agret discovered the Working Principle of Water and Ion for Cell membrane. The basic unit of human body is composed by individual cell, it consists of cell membrane, cytoplasm and cell nucleus. The cell membrane is an important channel for the free exchange of Intracellular and Extracellular substances, it ensures the stability of cell's internal and external environment. The cell can exchange the substance well and remove the toxin when the membrane potential is 70-90 MV.

     The professional research and development team of health physiotherapy always adheres to the people-oriented design concept. Joint Venture with international raw material supplier to establish an industrial R&D centre and continuously applies the latest international physiotherapy technology to our product R&D and design. Continue to cooperate with related professional R&D institutions and famous universities to provide professional training and coaching for Branding and R&D personnel regularly, urging the country's relevant agencies in the industry actively formulate related industry standards for relevant physiotherapy products.

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