Service Instruction



  • RESERVATION is Available and Required.
  • Booking Day   :   7 days in advance
  • Cruising Immediate   :   Until Future Notice
  • After purchase the voucher, we will send you the merchant's details to make reservation.
  • For any enquiries, please contact us at WhatsApp 013 6061313 and WeChat mygptouristguide.

Cruising Rate

  • Price Per Person
    • RM352 per person instead of RM400 per person after 12% discount.

Price Will Change Without Prior Notice.

Package Included

  • Geo Park Day Cruise for ONE(1) Person per Quantity Purchase
  • Lunch

Package NOT Include

  • Stay

Arrival Time

  • 9:30 AM
    • Late comer will be extra charge for the taxi and RM100 - RM150 for the speedboat transfer.

Boarding Time

  • 10:00 AM   -   4:00 PM


  • 6 Hours

Departure Port

  • Resort World Langkawi
  • Fun & Adventure Center


  • Daily (Mondays to Sundays)

Menu Categories (Vegetarian Options)

  • BBQ Lunch
  • BBQ Corner
  • Salad Bar
  • Homemade Bread
  • Open Bar for Drinks


  • Premium Wine - Moet & Chandon NV
    • RM200 per bottle
  • Premium Wine - White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc - Sidewood, Australia or equivalent)
    • RM70 per bottle
  • Cake - 500gram (g)
    • RM65 per cake
  • Cake - 1kilogram (kg)
    • RM95 per cake
  • Bouquet of Flowers
    • RM100.00 per bouquet

What to WEAR (Dress Code)

  • Wear something comfortable.

What to BRING

  • Swimming Suite
  • Towel
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses

Term & Condition of Purchase & Use


Term & Condition

  • E-Voucher are NON-EXCHANGEABLE for cash or other items or promotions.
  • E-Voucher are NON-REFUNDABLE for cancellation of utilized or unutilized services.
  • No REFUND for no show and unused e-Voucher.
  • Unlimited number of e-Voucher can be purchase and redeem during the redemption period.
  • No amendment is allow once booking is made.
  • No replacement / extension for expired e-Voucher will be given.
  • For any urgent purchase please contact us to ensure the availabilities of tour slot otherwise we have no obligation to provide the ticket purchased.
  • This E-Voucher is NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • All participants MUST must bring along their original Identity Card (IC) or Passport for a check-in reason.
  • Should there be any cancellation of flight due to bad weather, you will be offered an alternative day for your cruise or your payment will be refunded.
  • All the photos/videos taken can be used for personal collection and memory purposes ONLY.

Redemption Instruction

  • Booking Day : 7 days in advance
  • Cruising Immediate : Until Future Notice
  • Reservation is Available
  • Purchase of e-Voucher & Code is NOT considered confirmation.
  • After your purchase, we will send you the e-Voucher and company detail, please email the following detail to them for booking/reservation purpose.
    • Name
    • NRIC / Passport Number
    • Gender
    • Nationality
    • Contact Number
    • Cruising Date
    • Hotel for Pick-Up (Hotel in Langkawi ONLY)
    • Add On
    • Purchase ID & Invoice Attachment
    • Remark
  • Print the e-Voucher and present for verification purpose upon redemption.

About Product


This cruise is a great, full day adventure for people who would like to experience some brilliant sailing and the flora & fauna of Langkawi's southern out-lying islands, (these are the islands you see when you are arriving by airplane) without too much effort, and in exceptional style. Calm water sailing, nature excursions, and a great B.B.Q. with a large salad bar, featuring salads from around the world. An open bar of beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, fruits juices and water being served all day. This cruise will make a special highlight to your Malaysian Holiday.


Depart Resort World Langkawi in the morning on our yacht and sail up into the islands. On the way, guests can participate in sailing the yacht, with instructions from the crew, by taking the helm and pulling the ropes; do some fishing; look for dolphins and flying fish; watch the sea eagles; jump in our salt water Jacuzzi to cool off; have a party, or just relax with your book and a drink.

Arrive to a deserted beach on which we have our B.B.Q. area. Here everyone can leave the yacht for a swim on the beach. There is a short, but very pleasant, jungle walk starting from the beach. You can experience the rain forest, a great ocean view from the peak, or just relax in one of the many hammocks we have set up along our beautiful secluded beach. Enjoy our beach for a full on five-star B.B.Q. lunch. We will wine and dine you with local sea food, poultry, vegetables, and a salad bar consisting of six different salads, prepared from recipes from around the world. The full menu for the B.B.Q. lunch can be seen in the menu section of this book.

After lunch, everyone will board the yacht for a 30 minute sail to a very beautiful and special spot where the sea eagles gather, to ride the updrafts of the mountain and to mate. We meet the eagles as they dive and splash into the water only metres from the yacht. A spectacular, exciting experience and photo opportunity for all.

After everyone is back on board, she will carry on, on her final sail of the day. Back to Resort World Langkawi, where transport will be waiting to return everyone back to their hotels. A full, fun, adventurous day out, amongst the beautiful Eco system of Langkawi's outlying islands.

When there is high wave, we may take a different route in order to stay in the calmer waters.

  • Note 1: Beach we go to changes by seasons and weather/ocean conditions. Beach/activities at the beach description above is seasonal Nov/Dec till May.
  • Note 2: When the ocean conditions are not suitable for Beach BBQ, a BBQ lunch will be served on board the yacht. Most of the time in Nov/Dec – May there will be a BBQ lunch; June – Oct will be on board the yacht.
  • Note 3: We DO NOT FEED EAGLES as there are an increasing number of guests who are opposed to “feeding the wild birds & animals” disturbing the natural cycle of nature. After we researched the fact, we agreed it is NOT a good idea to feed wild animals.
  • Note 4: Departure guaranteed with minimum 2 persons on Wednesday s & Fridays; minimum 6 persons on Tuesday s, Thursday s, and Saturday s. We offer minimum 2 persons guaranteed departure during peak period of mid December till end of March. Please check with us for availabilities as we may have bookings.
  • Note 5: Our BBQ beach is magical. However due to cruise durations, you will have maximum of 2 hours at the beach. If you want to go back to the beach, please let us know. We can arrange speedboat beach drop on other day so that you can enjoy the beach all day. Beach BBQ Nov/Dec to May, when we have 10 or more people.

There could be a change of schedule, itinerary or activities due to weather conditions


  • Q: What should I wear and bring along when joining your cruise?
    • A: Wear something comfortable and pack your swimsuit, towel, sunblock and sunglasses. Make sure you bring your sense of adventure and a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.
  • Q: What if it rains?
    • A: The exotic showers in South East Asia tend to quickly pass, and admired from underneath a canopy, the sight of raindrops drawing circles on the water surface has its very own appeal. So most of the time, we will embark as planned. With safety being our highest priority, we will cancel a trip on a stormy day or in case we are experiencing technical challenges. Under these circumstances, you will be offered an alternative day for your cruise. Should it be your preference, your payment will be refunded.
  • Q: Where is the meeting point and when should I arrive?
    • A: We offer a pick-up service from your resort. Please make sure you are at the resort entrance at the agreed time. In case you use your own transportation, please arrive minimum 30 min prior to the scheduled cruise time. We depart from Resort World (formally known as Awana Porto Malai), located at the south coast of Langkawi, just a few minutes drive from Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. The meeting point is at the Fun and Adventure Center near the jetty point. You can park your car at the front of the resort and walk around the right hand side of the main building to where the cruise office is. This Google Map will show you where the resort is.
  • Q: What if I am late?
    • A: To save yourself unnecessary stress and costs, please try to be on time. Should you be late, we can arrange a taxi to pick you up and a speedboat to catch up with the yacht. However, there will be extra charges for the taxi and an added fee of RM100 -150 for the speedboat transfer.
  • Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
    • A: All our food is halal! Should you be a vegetarian, suffer from seafood or nut allergy or experience any other food intolerances, please notify us upon booking. We will be delighted to make the necessary arrangements. Thanks to the variety of dishes served, you will most likely find some of your favorites even if you fail to inform us. However, depending on your restrictions, the selection may be limited.
  • Q: What boats do you utilize?
    • A: We have a 46 feet catamaran and a 76 feet twin-mast sailing schooner. The boat for a particular cruise is chosen based on weather conditions and the number of participating guests
  • Q: When should I book?
    • A: To make sure you don't miss the highlight of your holidays, it is advisable to book as early as possible. Especially if your holidays fall into the high season from December to March.
  • Q: What activities are available during the Geopark Day Cruise?
    • A: Depending on the time of year and current weather conditions, the Geopark Day Cruise includes a trip to a deserted island with a gourmet BBQ on the beach. You can go for a walk in the wilderness, explore the coast on a kayak, enjoy a romantic stroll along the shores or laze around in a hammock.
  • Q: Can we go snorkeling?
    • A: Although the sea around Langkawi teems with exotic fish, due to a high level of sediments the visibility is very limited and not favorable for snorkeling.